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Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware Inc. is one of Iowa City-Coralville’s oldest businesses. It was founded in 1905 as Smith & Cilek. The name changed to Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware in 1920.

In 1961 Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware became a member of what was then known as Cotter & Co. Later we joined with the True Value co-operative, and took that name. By being a member of a co-operative, Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware was able to provide it’s customers with an excellent selection of merchandise at lower prices. In the fall of 2001, the company’s owners’ decided that change was again needed in order to be competitive in the future. At that time Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware decided to become an affiliate of the Ace Hardware Corporation.

Presently, Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware has four retail locations. The downtown location was originally opened on Washington Street in 1905, it then moved to Dubuque Street in 1979. The Dubuque St. location was eventually sold to the Iowa City Public Library, so we relocated once again. In 1970 we opened a store at 1703 2nd Street in Coralville. In 1994 we moved the Coralville store to its present location on Hwy 6. At that location we also operate Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware Commercial Supply.

The Eastside store opened in 1975 on Mall Drive. In 2005 it underwent a major renovation and upgrade.

The North Dodge location opened in the Fall of 2003 in the former Eagle Food Store.

In 2005 we opened our 4th store in Marion.

Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware’s success and growth since 1905 can be attributed to the efficient and caring way we have served the needs of the people and businesses of the Iowa City, Coralville and Marion areas. As an employee of Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware, you will now be part of this tradition. Together we all work to build upon and improve the traditions which have been established by our many employees over the years.

In 2016, Lenoch & Cilek Ace Hardware closed it’s Coralville location, moved its Commercial Sales division to Iowa City and closed it’s Marion location.

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